ERP and Financial Applications

Business tools for strategic planning and tactical implementation of policies, practices, guidelines, processes, and procedures that are used in the development, deployment and execution of business plans and strategies.

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Information Systems

Organized systems for the collection, organization, storage, and communication of information.

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Big Data

Large data sets to uncover hidden patterns, unknown correlations, market trends, customer preferences and other useful business information.

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Welcome To GVR Group

At GVR Group, our purpose is to improve our clients' bottom line through innovative use of modern technology.

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We're here to develop business applications and big data analysis systems.

Big Data Applications

Additional technologies being applied to big data include massively parallel-processing (MPP) databases, search-based applications, data mining, distributed file systems, distributed databases, cloud-based infrastructure (applications, storage and computing resources) and the Internet.

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Our staff has developed information systems which have been used by the following companies:

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